Aerial Photography and Aerial Filming by Aerialshots

Luftaufnahme, Luftfotos, Luftbilder, Luftbild mit Videodrohne

Aerial Videos

Amazing aerial videos in HD from heights of 1 to 150 meters provide an incredibly strong visual message and are extremely cost effective. Read more…

Luftaufnahmen, Luftfoto, Luftbild, Luftbild mit Fotodrohne

Aerial Photographs

Your objects or events photographed from overhead or photographs illustrating specific views captured in the highest quality. We produce images that are normally unachievable very inexpensively. Read more…

Luftpanorama mit Flugdrohne, Luftbilder mit Videodrohne, Luftaufnahmen

360° Aerial Views

A mix of static and moving content. The virtual panoramas are easily integrated into presentations or web pages in film or flash format. Read more…